Monday, January 18, 2010

Project BS - update 1.18.10 - the phail day

ok so this is the most phail day of my life.. i didn't go to school planning to work on BS but this time it really phailed..srsly..
i was working on 'how to update a profile' in my project..guess im really stucked in this line..

if($email==' ' || $email==$_SESSION[email] && $isExistEmail==1){
include 'error.php';
echo '';

it clearly means that that it should run the script if the $email is equal to ' ' (which means blank) or $email is equal to this sessions email or $email exists..

i was workin on dat this mornin, when people arrived..they really disturbed me alot. Afternoon came and I ended up finished with nothing..

anyway just want to post something :)

been listening to this whole day xD haha party yeah!

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