Wednesday, October 21, 2009

just another Heroes of Newerth

"The game, currently in a closed beta, comprises two factions that battle against one another in every game. The factions, the Hellbourne and the Legion, offer players a wide variety of unique heroes that the player controls in the game. The heroes of each faction are organized into three categories; strength heroes, intelligence heroes, and agility heroes.

Currently there are twenty-six heroes on the Legion side, and twenty-six of their Hellbourne counterparts. Every hero comes with their own unique style of play and their own animations and sounds, much like in DotA. Slots in Heroes of Newerth’s current beta indicate a total of thirty potential heroes for each side.

lol wikipedia! xD

well these links might give some interest to you..

As for the beta keys..

you may want to click HERE lol xD

i got mine but i hope there still beta keys out there

most sites are already outdated

Previews XD

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