Sunday, October 25, 2009

One, two, three columns

arrgh i really hate it when my computer goes very slow when
m doing something. it eats too much time that's why sometimes
it takes me hlf a day just to finish a task. like what i did today.
I wanted to edit the layout for my blog well I hope you could notice the changes.
I actually did only slight changes on it. At first, I was planning to
make a three colimn blog but I thought it looks so awkward thinking that
most of the blogs i see (well those good-looking blogs) are already has
three columns. So, I wanted to make something unique out of my own blog even
it has only two columns :)

My blog looked corny after adding marquees xD
I promise to learn about flash sooner
but right know I'll just be contented on studying javascripts, just for now

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