Thursday, November 5, 2009


fave scene, fave track

just watched PUSH in SM Manila..for two times xD
btw the song is called "Consequence" by "No Twist"

Superhype - to know more about their super powers xD

Sound tracks found in the movie..
The KillsWhat New York Used to Be
Yin XiangjieThe Love Of Boat Traachers
Radio Citizen and BajkaThe Hop
Working for a Nuclear Free CityRocket
Neil DavidgeOriginal music for Push
Daniele Benatie and Fernando PaterliniEverybody Ciao
South Rakkas CrewElevator China
The NotwistConsequence
South Rakkas CrewChina Funk
The Old CeremonyBao Qian
Jiang XianweiA Visit to Suzhou


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